Friday, August 19, 2016

August 19. Day 232. Stone the crows

Humans have an extraordinary ability to find a common enemy to blame rather than face an uncomfortable truth. We like a scapegoat even if that creature is not a goat but a crow.
I mean they do not sound pretty but they do perform a most useful service. And if they are annoying bin feeding opportunists, the question we really should ask is who left the waste lying around in the first place? The crows on the steps of QPAC this morning were just doing what nature intended (although strictly speaking nature probably didn't intend for Grilled chicken and chips but you get the idea).
We leave our bits lying about and then get all judgey with the crows for having a go. That hardly seems fair now does it?
Personally I think there's an elegant beauty to the crow and I do find I have a natural affinity to all creature so determined to get a feed.

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