Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 17. Day 230. Heart of Gold

 It is very easy to be so caught up in your own thoughts that you fail to see the things around you. Like buskers, for example. I tend to notice the ones at South Bank but barely given a second thought to the ones who sit outside the bus/train station in Tribune Street. By the time I hit there I'm on the homeward run and the mind is very much on the to-do list. I'm thinking dinner or marking or if I'm really lucky a nap. I acknowledge the buskers but never stop, never listen, never lighten my wallet. Today I had walked right by Rio or Shmeagol ... and then he started singing. I stopped and turned. A woman walking behind me mouthed "he's good". And indeed he was. His version of Heart of Gold was indeed very good. So I walked back and emptied my wallet of all its gold coins and asked to take pics. He was lovely and his philosophy to his music is as well: "Music with no price tag in mind but only with the intention to strike hope, consolation or ecstasy in a human.
It is what it is." Yep, a heart of gold

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