Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8. Day 221. I beat my own drum

When you are young you know everything. And then you age and learn more things which only makes you less certain that you know anything at all. So at my most advanced age I will rarely say it's a sure-fire bet. Still, despite the knowledge of my own ignorance there are some things I am prepared to attest. So today at South Bank. I'm relatively sure that the wooden plinths at Picnic Island Green were not specifically designed for nor regularly used for Latin Dance practise. Still, that doesn't mean they couldn't or shouldn't be does it? Also, I am also pretty sure the gents playing on the play equipment just near by were slightly older than the recommended maximum age of 12. Every single time I'm there that age limit is smashed. Age is but a number. Anyway I am also sure that the number in my age is well beyond that where the lizard fascination normally stops. While it would be wrong to ever say never, my guess is that the lizard loving might be a permanent fixture. There are worse things .... of that I am sure.

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