Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 23. Day 236. It's hard to get good help

If you want a job done properly do it yourself. Well that's one philosophy and I admit that there are times when that is the best, often the only way to go. Trying to find someone and brief them and supervise them and then correct the mess can take more time and effort than simply pulling your finger out and getting on with it. But there's no need to be silly about it. Recognising when to delegate and/or outsource is a fine life skill. You have to trust  that the master knows what he or she is doing and leave him/her to get on with it. My dogs are especially good at that. They are incredibly trusting. They watch me with admiration and trust with no sign of doubt or questioning. They might "prompt" gently around meal times but for the most part I'm the leader of the pack and they are good with that. There must be times, however, when they wonder. Like today. My only job was to take them to the dog park after a long day marking. They had been most patient. At the dog park you don't need much - the dogs, a ball and I normally pack a treat to reward them when they come when called at going home time. Well at least I had the dogs. One out of three ain't bad. It's terrible. The forgiving little creatures played chase instead and tomorrow they will once again leave me in charge and once again I'll probably fail. It's hard to get good help.

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