Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 24. Day 237. Rain, rain go away

 The only advantage of a rainy Wednesday is that it doesn't make a day spent marking feel so bad. The marking still sucks. The resentment is a little less, or at least I think so. There would want to be some compensation because there is one big, fat negative - Winkle. Winkle, she of the book Winkle Did a Wee, reverts to character every time it rains. Every single time. Pretty Princess Winkle simply refuses to get her fur or her paws wet. She wees indoors and today she decided to do number twos as well. Yes that was a plural. Not only more than one in my house but in more than one house. She left a little present when we went to visit Margaret as well. Seriously, cleaning up dog sh*t makes marking look like a walk in the park. Perhaps that was her gift to me today to distract me from the pain of marking. It didn't work. It just gave me another thing to be annoyed about. But with hump day over things can only get better, right? Right?????
(Please say yes. I'm talking to you, Winkle)

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