Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1. Day 214. Colourful language

My father, like many an Aussie bloke of his generation, had a particularly colourful turn of phrase. My behaviour today, I'm relatively sure, would have been described as being "all over the place like a mad woman's shit". Literally and figuratively, I'm afraid. My brain is slightly fried from coughing-induced sleep or oxygen deprivation. Possibly both. At the other end, things are just as unpleasant given days of prep known as the colonoscopy cleanse. And now I find that it is all for nought. It rather occurred to me that perhaps an anaesthetic when you can't breathe isn't that smart. The specialist confirmed my fears. So I will need to start again at some point in the future. Poo, bum, wee. Realising that my brain wasn't really working at its finest, I gave up and took the dogs to Roma Street Parkland. It was a pleasant distraction if nothing else.

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