Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 11. Day 224. Because there's just a bit of diva in all of us

When I first met Libby Scales it was in more Tragic circumstances. No don't think funeral, think Greek gods very, very unhappy that their relevance was being undermined by the shallow gods we now worship such as iPhones and now Pokemon. That was all the way back in May. I noted a couple of things: her prowess as a performer and her stunning singing voice. She is the triple threat. But I did say Tragedy was on its first outing and needed a little refining. Becoming Bette is the refined work I was hoping to see. This production was first performed in the Brisbane and Mackay seasons of the Anywhere Festival and has just been picked up by Butterfly Club in Melbourne where it will be performed next month. Becoming Bette is a personal journey from Elizabeth's childhood with stars in her eyes, through the Teenage "Pugsley" years to London and the London  International  School  of  Performing, Rio for he  official  FIFA  World  Cup  cultural  program and back to Brisbane. It's a personal story told through photos from the family album, video and song. It's very, very funny and a bit sad in places too. But it also a story about the diva within everyone who has a dream, a desire to be noticed and ambition.
 It's one Brisbane Catholic schoolgirl’s quest to take inspiration from the great Hollywood Bettes to become the next great diva and the one and only Brisvegas Bette but along the way it is also about what it is to be woman and the judgments we make. Becoming Bette is at the Room to Play Independent Theatre in the Paddington Substation 150 Enoggera Terrace until Saturday. Tickets are $20

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