Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 10. Day 223. Show time!

I actually considered being one of the people at the Ekka on the People's Day public holiday. But then I realised a couple of key things. Firstly, I hate crowds with a burning passion. And then there's the second thing - a bucket load of work which one way or another had to be done today.  I had also promised Drama Teen that today was the day we would record our first podcast. I never go back on my word, well not if it is in my power to keep it. So I negotiated with myself and the dogs and we came up with a cunning plan. We would park the car near work and walk down and stand on the footpath outside the showgrounds. Lurking outside the gates and not going in sounds a little tragic but that exact spot is a magnet for photographers and I will go in - just not on the busiest day of the show. The dogs got their walks (and an awful lot of attention) and I got to go along for the ride without emptying my wallet, not one little bit. I have also bought myself a couple more days to recover from the last illness before subjecting my body to the germ fest that is the Ekka. I consider that to be a great use of a public holiday.

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