Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 9. Day 222. Barking mad

I give them credit for the fact that they hide it well, but I'm pretty sure the people at the grooming parlour frequented by Rumple and Winkle think I'm barking mad. It is only fair that I add that this is a me problem rather than a customer service fail on their behalf. It goes like this. Margaret, my neighbour, obviously overcome with Olympic spirit thought it would be rather nice for the dogs to sport green and gold bows after their haircuts today. I duly sent my husband off with the dogs with instructions for green and gold bows. It's a credit to their professionalism that when I collected the fur friends they each had one green and one gold bow in their ears. Sweet. So I paid and was asked if I would like to rebook. I confirmed that I had made their appointments all the way through until Christmas. And bless her little cotton socks the groomer said "we'll have to make sure we have the stock of Christmas bows in early for your Christmas dog photo". She knows me too well. Oh come on. I know I'm a crazy dog lady but I'm okay with that. There are worse things, right? RIGHT?

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