Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 16. Day 229. While the Cat's away the dog will play

She really is the gift who keeps on giving. Winkle has an ability to seek out and destroy things you didn't even know you still had. Today, in an almost ultimate irony it was face paint left over from when Drama Teen performed in Cats about two years ago. If only she knew... And then tinsel. She really is a little devil in a way Rumple never was. People tell me that you forget and that Rumple is no longer a puppy. As someone whose father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in his 50s, I am well aware of the frailty of memory, especially my own. I know you do forget. I also know they are two very, very different beasts. My problem is that it is almost if it's wrong to compare your "kids" and say one is very different from the other. That this one is wickedly cute, funny and playful (Winkle) while that one is smart, loyal, loving and endlessly sensible (Rumple). Difference seems to be considered inherently bad. It's like the ad where the original is the best and any departure from that model is clearly of inferior quality. Different is just that. Not the same. That's a good thing. My dogs are different (just as well really). I love them differently but I love them equally. And I do love that Winkle is capable to decorating herself almost perfectly in face paint. The fact she also decorated the carpet is far less appealing.

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