Friday, August 12, 2016

August 12. Day 225. Duck for cover

 You know how there are some people who just rub you the wrong way. Often there's a history which means that even saying hello sounds like a declaration of war that brings out the claws or has you ducking for cover. And there are others that just manage to raise your tolerance threshold. Those for whom you have infinite patience and forgiveness. Those who can do no wrong. I call those individuals dogs. This morning my pillow was soaked. Thoughts went through my mind. Had I developed a wicked fever? Had I knocked over a drink from the bedside table? Had the water bed leaked? It was 5am. My brain was not quite engaged but I saw these "innocent" eyes watching me. I went in for the sniff. Yep, urine. Now in normal circumstances someone peeing on your pillow would be a declaration of war. There would be all guns blazing, perhaps a fatwa. But in the dark all I said was "seriously Winkle?" and stripped the bed. That's it. Winkle is a princess. She gets the toileting thing sorted and then in rains as it did yesterday and the little miss decides she doesn't want to get wet. There are accidents but even for her a pillow pee is hard core. But I forgave her because, well, what's the alternative?  She knows she has me wrapped around her little paw. Both the fur friends do. But they bring me such joy. I suppose I could have grounded her like a naughty teenager but it's not as though she would understand why and in any event I would only be punishing myself and Rumple which is hardly fair. We both did our wees in the right place. The walk to the duck pond is a highlight of our day and you can't let a little bit of puppy pee spoil that can you?

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