Saturday, August 6, 2016

August 6. Day 219. Rule one. Don't be boring

If the teaching manual according to me had one golden rule, one key thing that I kept coming back to, it would be this: Rule1. Don't be boring (It is true that the other thing I talk about rather a lot is how good dogs are in general and my dogs in particular but that's a rule for life not a rule for journalism). Anyway with a world or possibility, with a world of potential stories, why would you write about boring people?  I mean why would you write about a couple with a stretch limo as a wedding car when you can seek out the couple who choose an old Falcon with a foot hanging out the boot. There's a place for sensible and proper and earnest. And there's a place for toe tapping, good time silliness. I saw We Will Rock You again tonight. Let us be honest. This is not a quality musical. The script is full of Dad jokes and lame pop culture references. Try not to cringe as I tell you that this is about Galileo Figaro and his rock chick Scaramouch, the Bohemians trying to find their rhapsody. Yep, Ben Elton's script linking Queen's songs is hardly high art, and the critics have savaged it as a result. Yet, audiences have spoken with their feet and their wallets.  More than 16 million tickets world wide for a start. There is no great depth but what there is a fun by the bucket load and the music of Queen. That's what the audiences want and that's why they leave happy. Rule one. Don't be boring.

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