Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 18. Day 231. The Murri Way

This year's possibly eternity's most politically incorrect comedy Sausage Party did make a few biting comments about the world we live in. Racial intolerance was one of the world's big issues in the writers' sights. Of course, in the way only Americans can there was a Sesame Street style resolution that basically said if we all just got to know each other all those problems would melt away. If only it was that simple. It isn't but it certainly is an awesome place to start, especially if you work on the hearts and minds of the young. This is clearly the philosophy of the behind this week's QUT Murri-Ailan Way, a celebration of National Aboriginal Islander Day Observance Committee  week. In the parade ground right outside my office there were performances, demonstrations and workshops. I watched Jyi Lawton paint before stopping by Aunty Edna’s basket weaving workshops. Aunty Edna told me she was from the Torres Strait where basket weaving was considered women's business. She explained how the banana or palm leaves needed to be rolled carefully so they wouldn't curl and how you had to give the weave a really good tug to ensure it was really really tight. And than she laughed, a laugh that was infectious. Only in American movies would that be the answer to all the world's problems but taking the time to understand each other's customs and traditions is always time well spent.


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