Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30. Day 243. Eating like a bird

Bloody fussy lot, the birds in my street. Not influenced by the saying "beggars can't be choosers" they refuse, simply refuse to eat mince from Woolworths. Or so I'm told. I'm pretty sure a blind taste test has not been conducted possibly due to the challenging logistics involved in blindfolding birds. I will have to take Margaret's word for it. Those who have been playing along at home will know that my neighbour Margaret is a little bit set in her ways by which I mean stubborn as a mule. She says Coles mince rolls nicely into balls and can be lined up on the windowsill, a bit like a Maccas drive through although I'm pretty sure she's never been to one of those. Woolworths mince lacks the essential ball-rolling qualities, apparently. It might well be argued that the birds should not be eating mince from either of the big two. My dogs certainly should not but these details Margaret chooses to ignore. The dogs' diet I protect by careful timing of visits. The birds, I'm afraid, are on their own although the recent price hike of mince to $9 a tray may force a rethink. Somehow I doubt it.

Winkle looking longingly down the street towards Margaret's place

Then she decided to eat Rumple instead

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