Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31. Day 213. Not a trivial pursuit

You may have read it here first. Alanya Bridge will be a big name in musical theatre composition. The press will herald her as an overnight success. But like so many "overnight" successes before her it must have been a very long and at times very dark night. Unless you win Lotto or have someone film some awful misfortune that goes vital on YouTube, few overnight successes are ever so. Most involve years of hard slog in the lead up to that one big break. And in most cases there was a team around the triumphant victor. Today I saw such a team. Team Fame gathered round its girl of the moment Alanya who has been accepted into the prestigious Graduate Musical Theatre Writing, Master of Fine Arts Program at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. She has received a scholarship but there is still a mighty big financial hole to plug. And that's where today's trivia competition came in. Staff, students and families past and present gathered to do their bit to raise funds to help Alanya realise her dream. Along the way supporters were treated to performances of her original compositions. And there was trivia - not that that mattered (I would not be saying that had our team won). What mattered was Alanya. Remember that name (Fame).

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