Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2. Day 184. Vote one

 Hi ho. Hi ho. It's off to vote we go. After the world's longest election campaign, finally we were able to put the endless ads behind us and cast our votes. For Drama Teen it was a Federal Election first and the first time he was confronted with the Senate paper. Seriously? A paper that's more than one metre long. That's democracy for you. Of course you can just vote Above the Line. If you are a wimp. Not I said the fly. I number every single square. All 122 of them. It's not that I have an opinion on all of them. Many of them I have no idea at all. I start with numbers one to 10 with the candidates I like. Then I move to numbers 122 through to about 100 of those I consider dangerous or nut jobs or just not very nice.  Number 69 is always reserved for the Sex Party and then I fill in the blanks in sequence. It's time consuming but it gives me a real sense of satisfaction. But do you know what really gives me satisfaction? The fact that I have the photos to prove it. Our democracy might have its shortcomings but we have a free and open system and a country where it is safe and easy to vote. No-one questioned my camera or my right to take photos in the polling station. Those handing out the How to Vote cards were enjoying baiting each other. It may be competitive but it's a good natured competition. If only I'd got my act together in time for the sausage sizzle...

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