Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25. Day 207. Clouds descending

The universe is punishing me. The dark clouds of sickness have descended on me and I only have myself to blame. After all I almost issued a challenge and there was no way the universe could ignore it. Exhibit A. I shamelessly teased Drama Teen about having Man Flu. If that's not asking for it, I don't know what is. And then there's Exhibit B. Today was first day of the teaching semester. I love teaching but I always find the first day of the semester really stressful. I joked that I could ask my mother to call in sick for me. Naturally a woman of my age wouldn't get a sick note from mummy and I am not the type to take a sickie ever. But joking about it?  Well when you move down that slippery slope karma will behave like an over-stretched rubber band and come back and hit you in the face. And so it did. I have girl flu. It started with sniffles but by late afternoon it was a mild case of plague. But promises are promises so a brief dog walk was in order. It would have been longer but then came the cough of death and clearly it was a bridge too far. So I retreated. If this is my last post, I love you all... Yes, I can be a bit over dramatic.

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