Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 19. Day 201. After the fog lifts comes clarity

I tried to catch some fog but I mist. I mean really, when it comes to fog there's nothing to see here. Blame the fog. It's clearly obscured my ability to think. It's not as though I spend hours looking at my view but I do enjoy gazing across the river to the university. The open space and view is a big bonus in a part of the world where small inner city blocks are the norm. The open space also means this area is home to plenty of birds. My fur friends generally mean the birds try to avoid getting too close to my windows but with Margaret and her mince still absent the birds are getting a bit cheeky. This little one was perched on the back deck today. When I opened the window to photograph the fog it came right up.  The good news for the feathered friends is that Margaret and her mince will most likely to making a return very soon.

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