Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 9. Day 191. Oh la la

 Another weekend. Another festival. The beauty of living where I do is that there is rarely a weekend when there's not something on in walking distance.
There are festivals celebrating Greek culture, Irish culture, the Indigenous people, Buddha, children's arts and goodness knows what else. In the lead-up to Bastille Day it's time for the French Festival. Drama Teen and I walked past the festival and because of a shortage of time (and the presence of two fur friends) we decided not to go in. Well not today. But there was a free children's section outside the festival proper so we did ham it up in the dress up photo booth. You might as well. And then, because it was South Bank, the dogs made a bee line to the duck ponds. The dogs love "visiting " the ponds and giving their regards to the animals that live there. They are never allowed off a lead and never anywhere near the inhabitants but they act as though one day they just might. when you are a a dog with a scent of duck you don't need a festival to have fun.

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