Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 26. Day 208. In a spin

I'll be honest. If one of my nearest and dearest had done the same thing, I would have rolled my eyes. There may have been a sarcastic comment under my breath. There may have been an audible expletive. But I guess it just proves I'm not perfect which I know will come as a shock to just about no-one. Anyway, here's the spin out story. A plague-like virus has struck the house and I admit to feeling less than wonderful, where less than wonderful is defined as wanting to put a pillow over my head. So I decided to have a little lie down before a very important meeting. What could possibly go wrong with that plan? I guess I'll have to catch up on what I missed later. Clearly my body needed the sleep. I listened. That's good. It's what happened next that won't win a gold star for bright thinking. I felt a bit better so I took the dogs for a walk just as the afternoon chill was setting in. Genius. The resulting cough-a-thon meant I ended up calling the after hours doctor. The one thing I do not need is a repeat of the six week bronchitis fest of April/May. The doctor listened in horror to the bark and decided that while normally one might wait before prescribing antibiotics this one was a hit early and hard kind of cough. More antibiotics for steroids. Bless. The good news is that this time I didn't wait weeks before seeking medical advice and treatment. And the after hours doctor is free. Now, hopefully, we can all get some sleep.

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