Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22. Day 204. Smokin'

Winter? Seriously? I suppose waking to a city shrouded in fog would be a winter thing in other parts of the world but the concept of winter doesn't usually involve temperatures around 29 degrees centigrade, bright blue skies and people swimming in an unheated outdoor pool with the CBD in the background. Welcome to Brisbane. I found myself at South Bank twice today. In the early morning the fog was engulfing the city highrises. In the afternoon the only rising mist was from the banks of barbecues fired up for the night noodle markets. There was probably a bit of heat being generated from the Pokemon Go hunters who had crowded the promenade but I considered it better not to know about that. It was the sort of day where it would be a crime to be inside. Not being such a criminal I took a long afternoon stroll with a friend that ended up in a beer garden with a glass of cider on ice. Yep, that's so very winter (not). I think we did get winter this year. Two days in early July then the seasons that was enough of that. As the song says "roll on summer, roll on".

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