Friday, July 1, 2016

July 1. Day 183. A wet blanket

What a horrible wet blanket I've been today. No fun at all. The worst of it is I don't know why. On a clear sunny day a girl has no right to feel like it's drizzling or there's a  thick fog. It didn't even start off that way. When these photos were taken at South Bank all was sunny. But a series of really small things -the sorts of irritants that normally give you the shits for a couple of seconds before you shrug them off - set me on an unusual path to grumpy town. The last train out of grumpy town had already left for the day. I can only hope that like Annie "the sun will come out tomorrow" because frankly the wet blanket act is no fun at all. It's no fun for the blanket or the people being smothered by it.

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