Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 30. Day 182. Friends old and new

Teenagers are hard, hard work in an emotional brain strain kind of way. But toddlers, well that's a different kettle of fish all together. You forget but today I got a blast from the past. I was on baby sitting duty, just Elliott and I. He's a little pocket rocket, a tiny ball of energy and I was his new toy.  But who wouldn't be happy to play along with someone with a smile like that. And when he said things like "Climb the tree house, Aunty Susan" how could you say no? He's my new best buddy. And just to make the day perfect it ended with four school friends. We hadn't been in the same room for about 30 years. But friends are friends no matter if you rarely in the same city, State or even country. So raise your glass to friends old and new.

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