Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 12. Day 164. Duck, duck, goose

 It's probably a case of selective memory or confirmation bias but in any case it always seems to rain if you hang out the washing or fill up the pool. Others also add water the lawn or wash the car but if I did those things it would be more about hell freezing over than rain. But it drives you mad. All that wasted energy, effort and water.
Seems like there's a bit of it going around. When I walked by the lakes at the University of Queensland this afternoon it was bright and clear. All the water fowl were going through elaborate self cleaning routines. I watched for a bit before running off to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Schonell Theatre. When I emerged two acts later it was raining. If the ducks and the geese had just waited a bit they wouldn't have had to go through all that ducking a goosing to get wet and then all that flapping about to get dry again. I bet some of those waterbirds are feeling like a bit of a goose right now.
Today's steps: 15,072

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