Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24. Day 176. Fly free my friend

Big bird close-ups are a bit of a thing for me. Almost always, however, they are taken with my telephoto lens. Not today. Today, these up close and personal pics were taken with a wide angle lens which means I was close, very close. It says a whole lot about the birds. They were friendly and cheeky and clearly a great liking for people. Big personalities and clearly a great love for food. It all seemed rather fitting really. These fellows were hanging around the afternoon tea following the funeral of our family friend (and mum's bestie) Nita. Nita was one of life's characters, a great free spirit with a huge sense of fun and an ability to light up a room. I love my mother's story from her hospital bedside less than 24 hours before she died. Mum was reading an article from a women's magazine, "some ridiculous thing", Mum said. "Well, that's bullshit," Nita said from her death bed. A sense of fun until the end. So fly free, my friend and soar into the heavens.

Today's steps: 15, 837

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