Saturday, June 11, 2016

June 11. Day 163. Dangerous Times

 They say we live in dangerous times. Sure threats from terrorism, climate change and Donald Trump (not necessarily in that order) contribute to a great deal of collective insecurity.
But was there ever really a peaceful past? History Alive at the Fort Lytton National Park would suggest not.
I mean, at least we now have lawyers and social media to settle disagreements and don't have to rely on swords or jousting.
Of course not all history is horrible but those are the bits we seem to find most attractive to re-enact.
There were harp players and calligraphers, for example, but where were the people? Watching the knights try to kill each other. It makes for exciting viewing even for those too young or too squeamish to watch Game of Thrones. No prizes for guessing which category I fall into. Now excuse me while I go and swoon and get myself some smelling salts. It's all too much for a delicate little flower such as myself.
Today's steps: 15, 192

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