Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28. Day 180. A job well done

My dogs walk all over me - literally and metaphorically. I can be lying in bed and one or other of them will stroll up my body and make him or herself comfy on the pillow. My pillow. No respect. But it's clearly a problem with the owner not the dogs as if that's any great revelation. Today was pooch parlour day and I was a bit early picking the children up. The finishing touches were still being applied to Rumple. He stood there as good as gold not moving a muscle. I can only assume the groomers are dog whisperers. I did ask if Winkle was anywhere near as good. Apparently she's "improving". From a very low starting point I suspect but thought it prudent not to ask. As a reward for good behaviour we went visiting. Elliott was most keen on seeing the dogs with their bows in. They were also keen to have a run with a very energetic toddler who likes to throw a ball and feed them treats. There was no standing still good as gold here. I rather suspect Elliott would have been most sad if there was.

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