Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27. Day 179. Ready to fight

I am a lover not a fighter. Indeed I hate conflict rather a lot. It's can be a strength not a weakness to pick your battles provided you set the bar correctly and I admit there are some fights I should take up but don't. However when push comes to shove I will not shun a stoush and I feel one brewing. It's one of those cruel-to-be-kind fights. The increasing frailty of my neighbour Margaret is a growing concern to pretty much everyone but her. She uses that age old technique of avoiding the issue and hoping it will go away. It won't. She had another fall today and again I was around to help her up. After she was righted and rested I went to visit and I used my stern voice when she started making noises like she might cancel her doctor's appointment this week. I know, hard core. But it really is time she was made to see sense and start putting sensible protections in place - and keeping them there. After all we did get her a panic alarm about 18 months ago but she sent it back. Not this time. This time I need to hold my ground in the face of what I know will be fierce opposition. My model might need to be the kookaburra which was waiting outside the window while Margaret and  chatted waiting for the dogs to leave. The crows kept coming at her but she stood her ground and when really provoked did adopt a most threatening posture. I need to start practicing that one. This may be quite a fight.

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