Saturday, June 4, 2016

June 4. Day 156. I have a cunning plan

I have a cunning plan - to rid the world of d*ckheads. I shall start with those who develop d*ckhead policies and then those who police them like d*cks. Yeah, it's probably the torrential rain and the flash floods that hit our city but today I'm feeling like someone rained on my parade. Or perhaps it is just that my tosser tolerance threshold has been reached this week. Most likely that. Anyway I took official warnings to avoid non essential travel seriously given the hideous weather and hardly strayed from my bed until mid afternoon by which time the rain had stopped and a number of chores could no longer be avoided. I headed to the nearest shopping centre and among other things visited the key cutting kiosk because my new preloved car came with only one key. The bloke at the stand said he needed about half an hour. With time to kill, I went outside looking for a wet weather photo and my eye was drawn to a downpipe with a slight seal issue which resulted in a strange spurting water pattern. I decided to take a few pics until a trolley man/security guard told me that I'd have to stop. Taking photos of the premises was strictly not allowed. Put the camera away or else. Yeah because a photo of a leaking downpipe presents a major security risk or something. Madness. So out of spite those high security photos are now here for you to do with as you please. Most likely that will be yawn. I filled the rest of the time at the nail shop because some pedi pampering makes for a
better day. Still there were those whose day was worse. Because we are all great fans of Blackadder, we decided to head out to see Blackadder The Third. For a while there it did seem that it might end up being a radio play. The program noted "you may well notice our new lighting truss above the stage (or you will now) - this was funded by Growl Theatre supporters and friends in our recent crowdfunding campaign". There may have been a few questions about whether that was money well spent when about five minutes in there was a cue to black after which the lights simply didn't come back on. The actors made a joke of the whole thing and carried on for a bit before simply turning on the flouros on stage. Frantic movements found extension leads and a couple of spot lights which did the job until whatever issue the new lighting rig had was sorted at intermission. Cudos to the actors for bravely applying the theatre tradition of the show must go on even if no-one can see it. My guess is it was technology. As they say to err is human but it takes a computer to f*** it up completely. Either that or a wally with a policy manual...
Today's steps: 14371

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