Friday, June 3, 2016

June 3. Day 155. Don't you forget about me

 I have come to the conclusion, not for the first time, that people are weird. Seriously weird. I guess that's what makes them interesting or annoying or both. Probably both. Certainly both. Tonight I was at the Brisbane Power House for An Evening with Molly Ringwald, the opening night act of The Queensland Cabaret Festival. Now as a child whose "prime" was in the 80s, of course Molly will be forever associated with Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1985) and Pretty in Pink (1986). But, sigh, that was a long time ago. Molly is now 48 and she's moved on. Many of her fans clearly haven't. I heard a bloke behind me say "when is she going to perform songs from her movies?' Um, most probably never. They weren't musicals AND all the publicity says "The star pushes aside her pop culture status and takes centre stage to perform classics from the Great American Songbook along with some unexpected musical favourites. Part nostalgic trip, part homage to classic cabaret, this sassy performance is accompanied by her jazz trio and features interpretations of I’ll Take Romance and The Very Thought of You." She's not that girl any more. None of us are. She did sing a rather sultry version of the Simple Minds' hit Don't You Forget About Me, which played in The Breakfast Club's final scene. It was a nod to her past. It kind of had to be there for the people who came along to see Molly of the mid 1980s.  But that's not the weird bit. Here's the bit I don't understand. Tickets to this were $79 plus booking fee. The show was sold out. That would make me think a lot of people really wanted to see Molly. And yet there was a procession out of the Powerhouse Theatre and into the bar to return with glasses and often bottles of booze. Then, inevitably, there was another procession to the loos. Sure it was cabaret style with tables down the front. Sure you could take in a drink and even one of the rather delightful pizzas or fries with aioli. I dig that. I just don't dig why you can't then wait 90 minutes for a top up. If alcohol is the main game you don't need to buy a show ticket or knowing that buy a second bottle before you start. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the show and the bar will be open after wards. It's not that hard and it will make the experience so much better for those who actually want to see the headline act ....
Step total today: 17, 819 

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