Monday, June 6, 2016

June 5. Day 157. Now that the rain has gone

If there's an opposite of a rain dance, I reckon a few people might have been doing on in the Fairfax Brisbane office yesterday. Sure catastrophic weather is nature's clickbait and guaranteed to drive traffic to your news site. But balanced against that was today's major Fairfax-sponsored event The Brisbane Times City2South run. If the huge number of SES and police around my area ensuring the smooth running of the event was anything to go by, the organisation is mammoth. Anyway, the organisers and competitors were not the only ones pleased to see the rain gone. The birds in the street were forming a not so orderly queue outside Margaret's house for their share of the mince they missed out on yesterday. My dogs were also busting to get out of the house. The plan was to go and cheer on the runners which we did very briefly before they lost interest and turned on the lead and headed towards home. They did, however, bypass our front gate and go next door. If I was charitable, I'd say they were just checking in on an elderly neighbour after some wild weather. Or I could argue that the fierce wind made them rethink walking plans. But let's be honest, they saw the birds, they knew the mince was out and they are fully aware that Margaret cares little for their dietary restrictions. At least she now only gives them a small taste.
I admit even though I have no interest in taking part in the run or eating mince it was pleasing to see the sun. Now if that wicked wind would just go away..
Today's steps:  14, 512

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