Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7. Day 159. Stepping out

They say that success in a new health and fitness routine is more likely to be achieved if you recruit a fitness buddy. This makes sense. I am far better at sticking to something if I am accountable to someone, anyone, other than myself.
This is stupid, of course, because I am the one with most to gain from better lifestyle choices but I need to find external motivation and report to someone.
So I have a two point plan for my latest stepping drive. The Global Corporate Challenge and the team approach is the first prong in this two-prong attack. There are six others in the team and while I would let myself down, not them. And then there's the dogs. They have been appointed my walking buddies. Winkle is awesome at this. Bring out a lead and she is immediately beside herself with excitement. She's up for it. Any time of the day or night.
She will even drag the lead to me just to make sure I don't forget. Rumple, however, is less reliable. He's fine when he gets going but needs a big kick up the arse to get off the bed and out the door.
What is it they say about people taking after their pets or vice versa? The last thing I need in a motivator is someone who needs exactly the same motivation as I do.
But with Winkle on out case, we succumbed and stepped out, walking to the Botanical Gardens.
I must say the little one was right. It was just what we needed. We accumulated the steps for the team, cleared our heads and was able to check out some avian life forms (something that attracts the dogs more than me). Besides which there's nothing more likely to bring a smile to my face than watching two tails wag in unison as we walk.
Steps today 14 441

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