Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14. Day 166. Bird brain

They say in the modern world where everyone has to self market "Brand Me" what to need to consider is a point of difference, a special skill that you bring to life's table that makes you different from everyone else. Here's mine, although whether it is a special skill or a special type of insanity remains a mute point. No-one else I know takes photos of birds with dogs as photographic assistants mainly because this makes absolutely no sense. At all. And yet I make it work because walking with my dogs is the main game and the bird pics come because I'm out and about with a camera. Still, it does complicate things. Some days a little. Some days a lot. Today was a 
mega complication thanks to Winkle. We took a long walk along Kedron Brook with from Gordon Park to Kalinga, a stretch that is almost all dog off leash. It's a particularly tranquil walk I had not done in its entirety before but in a couple of sections the path does take you under a road. Here's where it got interesting. Winkle loves to chase birds. She picked one of these sections to take off after a bird, up a particularly steep embankment and was then on the road above. I was frantic. Screaming at her hysterically but with no chance of getting anywhere near her. It could have been disastrous. Fortunately it wasn't. She has no road sense but somehow crossed the road and rejoined us on the path on the otherside of the overpass. I was so happy she was alive I almost killed her. She spent the rest of the walk on the lead. So did Rumple even though he's done no wrong. I won't say that's the end of that walk just that she will be on the lead when we get anywhere near the road. She may be bird brained. I try not to make that my point of difference.
Tooday's steps: 22 409

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