Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 15. Day 167. Paddling like hell

Assignments. You can just duck off. Seriously, I am totally over marking. But I hide it well. So calm on the surface but paddling like crazy under the surface - and if you believe that.... The veneer of calm went to water a very long time ago. It's enough to drive a woman to drink. Literally. This afternoon, in marking avoidance mode, the dogs and I decided to take a walk to South Bank. "Let me buy you a cool drink," a friend who lives at South Bank suggested. We considered mineral water but found ourselves at a bar and there was a cider in my hand. That can happen. I'm not sure what's worse. Being driven to drink on a Wednesday afternoon or taking my underaged dogs to the bar with me. If it helps in my defence, they were only drinking water. And we did walk to and from the bar so that has to count to something. And what's more I had the good sense not to mark after that cider ...                           Today's steps: 15, 178

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