Friday, June 10, 2016

June 10. Day 162. Taken for granted

When we grow older we are supposed to grow wiser.
 I wonder about that. Sure we might know more things but we also become a little - or sometimes a lot - jaded or complacent or cynical. Like a drug addict needing bigger and bigger doses to get the same thrill, the things that used to excite us don't hold the same attraction.
Some times we should try and see things through fresh eyes.
Example one. Today I was expecting visitors and they were later than I would have anticipated given their departure time.
Work has begun removing the big trees at the end of my street. It has resulted in temporary road closures but that wasn't it. Little Elliott simply could not go past all those exciting pieces of machinery. When you are two, cranes and diggers and saws are exciting. When you are older you tend to see them as only noisy and inconvenient. Yet when I joined Elliott and Alison sitting on the footpath watching the tree felling in action, I had to admit work that includes abseiling down a tree with a chainsaw is pretty impressive. Example 2. Later I walked to South Bank and met my mother and her friend Lois for the annual Luminous Lantern Parade celebrating multiculturalism and welcoming refugees. I'm at South Bank all the time and a parade veteran.  As such it's easy to forget what it's like when you first see those giant illuminated figures being paraded through the parklands. It's also easy to forget how privileged I am to live where I live. These sorts of things are on my doorstep. But if reaction of the parade newbies wasn't enough to remind me of how special the night is, the smiles of those in the parade itself certainly were. When you consider the conditions of some of the countries the refugees have some from, just being in Brisbane must be like a dream come true. Seeing 15,000 people lining the parade route in support can only warm their hearts. For those of us who have never had to fight to call Brisbane home, it should be a reminder of how lucky we are.
Today's steps: 22,282

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