Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12. Day 194. Eye spy

Talk at a staff meeting today turned to hyper-local news coverage which in passing focused on student generated news from Kelvin Grove, the suburb where the campus is located. I made the observation that in more than a decade of reading student news stories I could scarcely remember one about Kelvin Grove unless you counted parking woes. Students turned up for classes, ate at Subway and left, I observed cheekily. Not, of course, that I'm much different (except that I don't actually enjoy the sandwiches at the Subway franchise). Clearly I've been walking around campus with my eyes closed. I'm not sure how else you would explain how I have never noticed the community garden before. On the small walk from the staff meeting to the library my eye was drawn to a bird bath. I followed the path and investigated and there it was. A community garden which appeared fairly well established (in other words it hasn't just sprung up overnight. I just haven't managed to see it before). Sure gardening isn't my "thing" but noticing points of interest usually is. Oh well, epic fail on that one. It was rather pretty, the type of place where it would be relaxing to eat your Subway sub if you like that sort of thing ...

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