Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18. Day 200. Chicks

 I swear today I learned what scores of teenaged females ovulating simultaneously sounds like. It's probably not the reaction of the creaters of The Wider Earth were expecting but it's fair to say it's far better than  ambivalence or distaste. This is an extraordinary production combining puppetry and multimedia projections and a very talented group of actors to tell the story of Charles Darwin and his five-year voyage on The Beagle. Years of work have gone into creating the revolving set, the original music score and the extraordinary life sized puppets. This is a tale of a man  destined for the priesthood who left the UK and the woman he would like to marry for what he thought would be a three-year journey of discovery. This is about a man seriously challenged when science and faith seem to conflict to the point that he tried to leave the journal of his findings buried in Tasmania. Along the way he learned that faith and religion need not be the same and that creation is evolving. Extraordinary stuff. But that wasn't it. All the teen girls wanted was a happily ever after love story and when that happened those girls gasped and sighed. It was a beautiful thing that only happens when you find yourself in a theatre largely packed with girls in school groups. I only hope that magic is retained when they start work on whatever assignment is connected to the show....

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