Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4. Day 186. Such a card

 Phone calls from my niece Scarlett always start the same way. "Hi. This is your favourite niece," she says. "Hi there Cleo/Jessie/Lucy/Amelia," I reply inserting any one or perhaps all my other nieces as if I don't know. Yeah, I'm such a card. Anyway one is not allowed a favourite niece but the rules totally allow a Niece of The Day Award and today that I loving bestow on Miss Scarlett. My Exhibition photographic competition entries are due on Wednesday and that means the dreadful business of mounting. Last year my good mate and fellow photo blogger Donna Weeks "helped" me with that project but she ran away to Japan probably just to escape my incompetence. Today it was Scarlett's turn. Now when it comes to this type of work the "help" required involves me choosing the colour of the mounting card, making supportive noises and then going off and fiddling with photos of birds or grasses I took earlier in the day or cooking dinner. Some people work by the motto "if you want a job done properly do it yourself". In this particular type of project my motto is "if you want the job done properly outsource it to someone else. A girl might as well be honest about her limitations... I can push a button on a camera, I can joke around with my nieces but measuring cardboard and cutting a straight line. Not so much.

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