Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 6. Day 187. Out of the Box

What parent hasn't invested much time, money and effort into buying the perfect gift only to find that their little darling is far more interested in the box in came in?
And new white goods. As adults, a shiny new gadget represents a world of fun but to a child the highlight is clearly the empty box. There are so many hours of fun to be had in an empty box cubby.
Yep, a box is a world of fun even when its days of being able to transport or store things is clearly over.
So it was in the park at Highgate Hill this afternoon where Tilly, Xana and Edie had turned a former box into an  awesome grass toboggan.
The slope in the park practically demands that you run, roll or slide down it and the girls were not about to let that opportunity pass them by.
It looked like a perfect end to what was a stunning Brisbane winter's day.

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