Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3. Day 184. Running away to join the circus

The idea of running away to join the circus is strangely attractive. There's an appeal of escaping the every day routine for a life of sequins and showbiz where you bring a smile to faces day in and day out.
But what if your everyday life is the circus (here I am not talking about constantly juggling and dealing with clowns. But the actual Big Top type of circus)?
Apparently, that's when you run away to suburbia. For years, I have followed the careers of Circus Ringbarkus, a comedy circus made up of Mum, Dad, kids and the performing dogs.
I've watched as the kids - two brothers and their older sister - have taken an increasing part in the show displaying acts of increasing skill and daring.
Today I caught up with them again and there was one notable absence. Ollie and Mick continue to go from strength to strength but there was no sign of Julia.
Afterward the show I caught up with the family and found that Julia, 22, had flown the coop and was now living in Victoria with her boy friend and working as a receptionist.
She is very happy and they are happy for her.
No more sequins and high wires and no more jumping through hoops. I have a sneaky suspicion that one day show business might again beckon. Life on the road in a caravan with your family and pets might get a bit tiresome but bringing smiles to people's faces every day. That has to be a bit of okay.

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