Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2. Day 183. It would break your heart

Cleo was wearing two jumpers when Rumple and I ran into her on our walk this afternoon.
As Cleo's human explained "I'm wearing two so she needs two also."
And even though we'd never met, the devastated owner told me her little one had spent last night at the vet and had been diagnosed as having diabetes.
Now it is either regular insulin injections or make the heartbreaking decision to have the 11-year-old humanely put down.
"I cried all night," she told me adding that she will never be able to face getting another dog.
 I did reassure her that my family had injected a diabetic dog for about two years. It's do-able, I reassured her but she looked terrified.
I simply couldn't ask what she's decided. Either way your heart breaks for both of them.

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