Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1. Day 182. Diving in

In my limited experience I have come to believe that children are born with two major defects - faulty volume control and faulty internal thermometers.
They are noisy creatures with a distinct inability to feel the cold.
The second of those was clearly on display at South Bank today.
When I drove to work through the rainy streets, the radio presenter declared it was one of those types of days best spent in bed with a good book and a hot chocolate. As a lover of bed, books and hot chocolate and not a great fan of wet and cold winter days I could not have agreed more.
But I am pretty sure there is no provision in my award for special leave on the grounds of winter blues so there was no choice but to go to work.
Meeting over, I again refused to give in to the lure of the doona deciding that I should not let a little rain deny Rumple of his right to a walk.
I admit that it was a good call with fresh air and exercise always being good for the soul but there are obvious limits. Walking in the winter rain may be good. Stripping off and going for a swim in an outdoor not heated pool is not. But try telling the two kids frolicking in the pool this.
No, they told me. The water is not cold. It's nice.
Like I said, faulty internal thermometers, there is no other other possible explanation. The only place I would be diving on a day like today was under the covers.


  1. I love this photo! It leads to so many potential stories!

  2. Love the ripples across the water, and the wonky angles of the legs!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  3. I never liked going under the water. The water looks as grey as you make the weather sound. great capture with water drips coming off his feet, and no chance of the random child being recognised by his parents.

  4. You wouldn't find me in there.. unless the water is the temperate of bath water I ain't going in!!

  5. That's children for you - ours are the same!