Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22. Day 203. Viva Las Vegas

Some years back, at the urging of my son's school, we housed two students who were in town for a major primary school soccer carnival.
The young lads were both from Mount Isa but from very different backgrounds - one was an Indigenous student and the other the son of an international executive employed by a large mining company.
The boys were discussing the carnival and the selection of the State team at the conclusion. The South American boy was hoping to gain State selection. The local boy explained that he could not be considered because his parents were unable to meet the costs and so had not signed the consent form.
It seemed so sad that even at this age they knew that talent and enthusiasm were not always enough.
This little episode came to my mind today when I met Alex (front) and Dwayne, both members of the hip hop dance crew Empire who were rehearsing on the lawn outside the Performing Arts Complex at South Bank.
They were working hard and are both very excited because in less than a week the team will be on a plane to Las Vegas to compete in the world hip hop championships. My sweet little niece Jessica and her Sydney-based team also won the right to complete in the US but they won't be on the plane. They could not raise the money needed to make the trip.
Jessica is a real talent and her time will come but it's a little sad that having worked so hard to get as far as they did it was money and not talent that stopped them in the end.
In the meantime best wishes to our local dancers about to take on the world. Viva Las Vegas.

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