Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20. Day 201. Food glorious food

Nothing has the ability to bring people together quite like food.
So what better kind of festival could their be than one that celebrates food?
The Regional Flavours event at South Bank this weekend celebrates all the delights of food grown locally.
Unsurprisingly it was a huge drawcard.
The weather forecast was hideous but while it was not one of those clean, clear Brisbane winter days the rain held off much to the delight of everyone (especially me and my furry friend Rumple who walked down to join in the fun).
One of my favourite attractions was at the Piazza where the whole space was given over to free food-related events and activities for children.
The Food Imagination included food art, food craft and food science.
Dr Rob Bell from CSIRO and Channel 10's Scope exploded Gummy Bears, made elephants' toothpaste and set fire to flour (not that there's anything special with that last one. I can do that in the kitchen any day).
Science over, it was time to hit one of the many local ice cream stands where I met two-and-a half year old Akira and her mum Mai.
I promise I was cleaner eating my ice cream than Akira (well there's no photographic evidence to prove otherwise). Delicious


  1. I am jealous, I would love to be at the festival sampling all the delights on offer. Thanks for sharing your food inspired photos with Country Kids.

  2. Thanks Susan for Akira's photos! You've made our day :)
    Love your blog too. Here's my mum's blog.. it's in Japanese but she has heaps of dog and Akira pics. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/opalkaz

  3. Oh my goodness the black and white with the hat is just so darling!!