Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4. Day 185. Far Out!

Far out they have some great school holiday entertainment  for kids these days. Today I ventured out to the Mount Cooth-tha Botanic Gardens where the Far Out Forest Festival of free entertainment was underway. There were indigenous games, drumming  and wearable art workshops, a reptile show and the chance to make bush string or play with worms.
There I caught up with John and Clare, the couple who lived next door to us when we were growing up.
John and Clare used to spoil us rotten as kids. This week they are spoiling another couple of young ones - their grand nieces Gemma and Chloe who have come to spend a week of the school holidays with Uncle John and Auntie Clare.
They've been to the movies, the circus, a play and out to dinner. There's been cooking and craft and today it was the Planetarium which is conveniently located in the Botanic Gardens so they got to enjoy the festival fun first.
Pictured is Gemma with a Bug Catcher in hand taking part in the insect identification activity and then because it was such thirsty work stopping off at the water bubbler for a drink and to refill her water bottle.


  1. love the movement of water in that last pciture!

  2. Great captures as always, the Botanic gardens sound great. I hope Gemma and Chloe have a fun time with their Aunt and Uncle this week. Thanks for sharing with Country Kids.