Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11. Day 192. True colours

Brisbane. What a fine looking city you are. That grey old river is nothing much to write home about during the day but at night you do show your true colours.
I love that we live in walking distance to Brisbane's cultural precinct on the south bank of the river, not because I'm cultured but because I have a chronic punctuality problem.
6.42pm. Sitting in the car outside Theatre Boy's drama class at Albion in the same leg-ins and over-sized shirt I'd been wearing for nearly 40 hours straight. Let's just say it is proving to be a VERY challenging week.
7.28pm sitting in Row K at the Playhouse at QPAC in the Sunday best, having dropped the boy at home, eaten dinner, freshened up, done the face and not broken any laws to get there.
Score. Yeah, I understand why some people would like the peace and solitude that acreage brings but at heart I find myself drawn to the bright city lights as a moth is to a flame.  Come on. Even you country-loving folk would have to admit it's beautiful.

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