Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30. Day 211. Highly strung

9.53 am. The lid of a Sugar-free V is released and the first swig taken.
There are two things wrong with this picture. The fact that it's not yet 10am is the obvious first one. The fact that I'm teaching a class at the time makes it worse. I admit, fizzy caffeinated drinks are a very bad habit of mine a fact which I went on to share with the class (heading off on tangents mid lesson is another bad habit - but I digress).
Back to the fizzy, carbonated drinks. The single V a day is a remnant of a bad habit that used to see me drinking literally litres of the diet form of the world's top selling soft drink a day. But even then I never looked at a Coke can for anything other than its contents. Never was I tempted to cut it up and turn it into a tree decoration. Clearly I lack artistic imagination as this piece of street art I discovered on my walk today showed. It was just one of quite a few everyday objects strung up high in the tree.
Further down the road we ran into a local resident also working on tree art. The woman told Rumple and I she was playing with the bark of a bamboo plant because she was interested to see how the fibres would go as a lamp shade. Again, clearly I lack artistic imagination. Never have I seen a piece of bark and thought "lamp shade right there".
Perhaps if I downed a few more fizzy caffeinated drinks ...

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