Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28. Day 209. A lot of hot air

Open Day 2013, my annual chance to tell a new generation of would-be journalism students and their parents about what I do in my day job and why they should come and play.
The school students have a look somewhere between excitement and terror for what is ahead but for what it's worth I reckon they are doing the really hard yards right now.
Those who say the school days are the best of your life didn't have the same experience as me. It's not that I hated school - I didn't. I was a girlie swot but there was incredible pressure to succeed.
The uni years, however, that's when the fun really begins.
Yes, university is a lot of hard work but there's plenty of time to party and plenty of like-minded people to do it with.
Open Day has that same sense of serious and fun.
There were people like me talking Overall Position Scores, Grade Point Averages and course outlines plus alternative entry pathways. Eyes glazing over
And when that got too much there was free fairy floss, free popcorn and the balloon artists - sounds more like kids party than tertiary study but that's the point.
And just to make it feel a little bit more grown up there were no balloon dogs here.
Nope. Balloon $$$$ for the potential accountancy students, balloon gavels for the would-be lawyers and model DNA for the scientists.
Yep, choosing what to study at university is a serious business but that doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun along the way.

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