Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19. Day 200. Throw me a lifeline

Don't you just hate it when things that should be oh so simple, things you have done multiple times, before suddenly decide they just won't work.
Teaching begins at 8am on Monday morning and I should be ready to go but some of my funky little gadgets are just refusing to play ball. Guess if you give a person enough rope....
Sooooo ... 
Step one. Try Google. Fail
Step 2. Ask friends on Twitter. Still fail
Step 3. Reach for a lifeline. The IT Helpdesk. At this stage phrases such as "We don't support that" "have you tried rebooting the computer" and "hang on while I Google that" are enough to make a girl scream.
But all was not lost. "I have a colleague who knows more about Powerpoint. I'll get him to call you in the morning."
And thus a very nice IT man and I together managed to navigate down what seemed to be a impossibly steep technical cliff face and now I have a Powerpoint presentation with a live twitter feed ready to go.
Time for a breath of fresh air. So off to the Kangaroo Point cliffs for a walk and to take this photograph which kind of sums things up.
Then back to work where the next job was embedding a twitter feed in the online teaching Blackboard site. Surprise, surprise. That didn't work either. And the IT Helpdesk said "we don't support that" and I went looking for the rope again. 
But after much discussion about widgets and html code that also works. Strap yourself in students, it's going to be a steep learning curve for all of us.


  1. that photo does sum things up for you!!

  2. I absolutely love the analogy here. Great capture! Hope the technology doesn't defeat you long term.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  3. its a long way down, I just love your imagination at tying things into your every day life.

  4. That photo seems to sum it up perfectly.

    I'm sure you'll get to grips with it very quickly

  5. Deep breaths and count to ten and if all else fails there is always a nice glass of wine!