Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10. Day 191. Tossers

I'm pretty sure this is how the lasagna sheets I buy are unloaded. This bloke was at the truck. Four others were in a line and they tossed box after box from the truck to each of them and then finally in to the building. As this isn't a food storage business, it is probably unlikely the contents of the boxes was gluten free lasagna but I sincerely hope the contents were not fragile given the unpacking "style". Efficient it may have been. Careful it was not.
Anyway, back to the lasagna sheets which are fresh in my mind because there was a spot of baking going on in my house last night. There were two lasagnas being constructed simultaneously. The four cheese gluten-free variety for the boy and a slow roasted lamb construction for normal people.
The lamb one presented no issues. I wish I could say the same for the gluten-free dish. Let's just say the packaging should be changed to read lasagna "bits" rather than sheets. It's the same with every box to the point that they should just market it as a jigsaw puzzle and be done with it. Or perhaps those handling the goods could be just a little bit more careful. Now there's a thought. Tossers.

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